Agenda for the November 2019 Meeting

E-mail: Telephone: 07941 212311
To all members of Dawley Hamlets Parish Council
You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 20th November 2019 at Horsehay Village Hall at 7:00 pm
Signed: Kathy Ewence (Clerk)   Date: 14th November 2019

1 Welcome The Chairman will welcome everyone to the meeting.

2 Apologies for Absence To receive apologies.

3 Declarations of Interest and Dispensation Requests Councillors were reminded that they should declare any pecuniary interest in matters to be discussed at the meeting which are not included in the register of interests.

4 Public Session To receive any reports from members of the public on current matters relating to the Parish.

5 Minutes To approve the minutes of the last meeting of the Council held on the 16th October 2019.

6 Adam Brookes T&WC Group Manager – Highways and Network Management To discuss highway issues within the Parish.

7 Integrated Community Management (ICM)/PCSO Scheme To receive reports relating to this scheme.

8 Councillors Reports To receive any reports from Councillors on current matters relating to the Parish.

9 Local Initiatives

a) Bridge Road and Horsehay Pool Development
i.  To receive an update on the progress of the Bridge Road project plan.
ii. To receive an update on the progress of the Horsehay Pool Management Plan.

b) Dawley Hamlets Local Nature Reserve (DHLNR) To receive an update from the Friends of DHLNR group.

c) Citizens Advice To consider funding a Citizens Advice service for local residents.

10 Parish Matters:
a) Grit Bin Request To consider the request for a grit bin on Shutfield/Corner of Castlefields.

b) Pageant Drive Playground Swing Seat To consider a quotation for the replacement of a swing seat which was agreed at the September 2019 meeting.

c) Spring Village Play Area To discuss concerns relating to the play area.

d) Ward Councillor Pride Fund Match Funding To consider match funding for the Friends of Aqueduct Primary School adventure trail.

11 Planning Applications:
a) To consider planning applications and permissions
b) To consider the delegation of powers during December. Members are asked to consider the proposition that during the recess planning decisions should be delegated to the Clerk after consulting with the Chairman.

To be tabled
12 Finance & Administration:
a) To approve the monthly receipts and payments.
b) To approve the monthly budget report and bank reconciliation.
c) To sign the 2020/21 precept warrant.
d) To appoint an internal auditor for 2019/20. e) To consider the approval of payments in advance for the Senior Citizens Christmas Buffet and Cllr. Onions providing the table decorations for the event.

13 Correspondence

14 Items for the next agenda To agree items for the next meeting agenda.

15 Date of the next meeting – Wednesday 15th January 2020 at 7.00pm at Horsehay Village Hall.