Doseley Works, Doseley,


Doseley Works, Doseley, Telford, Shropshire, TF4 3BX

Variation of condition 31 of TWC/2012/0650 to allow full completion of the development, including occupation of all dwellings without the need to provide a secondary access point onto Lightmoor Way.

After receiving considerable feedback from residents, following consultation with the Chairman the Clerk has lodged the following objection this application: COMMENT
Dawley Hamlets Parish Council objects to the proposals and would ask the Planning Authority to note that in the original planning approval, a proportion of properties were supposed to use the access point of St. Luke’s Road with the remaining properties separated off to use the quite separate access point at the Horsehay by pass; we believe that this formal agreement should not be allowed to be forgotten and must be retained. In addition, we believe that more account should be taken of traffic calming and widened footpaths,(something which appears to have been ignored). St Luke’s Road is a picturesque part of the Parish and is extremely narrow at many points of its route. It suffers from an increasing amount of traffic both domestic and commercial and residents have concerns over speed and safety issues. There is strong feeling amongst residents over the fact that in these proposals there will only be one access point on to St Lukes Road rather than the original intention of two access points including one through Lightmoor Village (a route which from the outset was promised by the Bournville trust in all early consultations). The local roads, restricted points along those roads cannot be expected to cope with the expected amount of extra traffic. We strongly oppose this application.