Minutes for the July 2019 Meeting

DAWLEY HAMLETS COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL held on Wednesday 17th July 2019 at Horsehay Village Hall at 7.00 pm ___________________________________________________________________

PRESENT: Cllr. A Burford (Chairman) Cllrs K Barnes, C. Cassar, B. Cooke, D. Hopkins, R Metha, B Onions, and B Wennington

Also Present: Lucinda Lycett, Flood Risk Officer, T&WC Clare Turner, Clerk for Great Dawley Town Council PCSO Stephen Lloyd  Pat Davies, Friends of Horsehay Pool and Environs Borough Councillor Jayne Greenaway Ten members of the public K Ewence (Clerk)

19/47 Introductions The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.     19/48 Apologies for Absence Apologies were received from Cllr. J Pinter.

19/49 Declarations of Interest  Cllr. Cooke – Great Dawley Town Council Cllrs. Barnes, Cassar and Wennington – Friends of Dawley Hamlets Local Nature Reserve

19/50 Public Session Several members of the public spoke at length regarding their concerns relating to a planning application to build 39 houses on land West of Lawford Close, Off Majestic Way, Aqueduct (ref. TWC/2019/0487).  It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would call for the application to be heard by the T&WC planning committee and would send a representative from the Parish Council to speak at the meeting.  Members of the public who had concerns were encouraged to form a committee and elect a representative to also speak at the planning committee meeting.

7.45pm seven members of the public left the meeting.

A member of the public requested that the Parish Council write to Teldoc with concern over the proposed closure of the Aqueduct doctors surgery which was announced earlier this week and ask them to reconsider their decision.  The Parish Council RESOLVED to write to Teldoc and send a copy of the letter to the CCG.

A member of the public expressed concern regarding the declining condition of
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the Aqueduct Bridge.  Cllr Cassar informed the meeting that with the support of Historic England and the Georgian Group she was trying to encourage Western Power to complete the necessary work needed to move power cables housed in the bridge, a necessary step before any restoration work can be considered.

19/51 Minutes of the Previous Council Meeting It was proposed by Cllr. Cooke, seconded by Cllr. Wennington and RESOLVED to approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th June 2019 as a true record.  The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

19/52 Lucinda Lycett, Flood Risk Officer, T&WC The Chairmen introduced Lucinda Lycett Flood Risk Officer for T&WC to the meeting.

Lucinda updated the meeting regarding the progress to the Bridge Road & Horsehay Pool Development reporting that the Horsehay Pool management plan was progressing and would go out for public consultation in September.  Pat Davies from the Friends of Horsehay Pool and Environs group asked to see the plan before the consultation and Lucinda agreed to arrange a meeting with the group to do this.  Lucinda also informed the meeting that the Bridge Road development would require planning permission and that she would arrange a meeting with Cllr. Hopkins to discuss progress and look into the possibility tying the project in with Bridge Road traffic calming measures which have been recently considered by the Parish Council.

Pat Davies reported that the Friends of Horsehay Pool and Environ groups first open day had generated £835 towards Horsehay Pool improvements.

Lucinda also provided an update on the repair of the Horsehay Pool wall which was damaged last year when a tree was blown down during bad weather.  The repair has been delayed due to the change in T&WC contractors on the 1st April 2019.  The new contractors, Balfour Beatty, have now finalised the drawings and are almost ready to issue an order for works and arrange a date for the work to be completed.

Lucinda Lycett and Pat Davies left the meeting at 8.09pm.

19/53 Clare Turner, Clerk to Great Dawley Town Council Clare updated the meeting regarding plans for the Holiday Activities & Eatwell Project, the Great Dawley Breakfast Club and other children’s activities which Great Dawley Town Council have planned throughout the school Summer Holidays.  The Friends of Dawley Hamlets Local Nature Reserve have been approached to provide an activity for one of the breakfast club events.  Parish councillors who would like to volunteer to assist with the activities should notify Clare in advance and ensure they have the appropriate DBS checks in place.

Clare Turner left the meeting at 8.30pm

19/54 Integrated Community Management (ICM)/PCSO Scheme PCSO Stephen Lloyd provided a brief update on staffing structure and current issues within the parish.
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PCSO Stephen Lloyd left the meeting at 8.39pm.   19/55 Councillors Reports Cllr. Barnes – War memorial wall damage, ownership and maintenance issues regarding two trees by Aqueduct School, issue regarding an overgrown area and some uneven slabs by Aqueduct pharmacy for which it was agreed to ask T&WC to write to the owner to ask him to maintain.  Cllr. Cooke – speeding on Lightmoor Road, the Clerk will report this to the PCSO. Cllr. Onions – none of the maintenance and repair issues reported recently had been completed, the Clerk will follow these up.  Cllr. Wennington – investigating the requirement for new and replacement waste bins for the LNR and the parish. Cllr. Hopkins – in the process of arranging a meeting with the T&WC tree officers regarding planning application TWC/2019/0490 for Farm Lane trees, Spring Village Road repairs are underway the Clerk was asked investigate if the smaller bin wagon could be implemented quicker than planned to preserve the repairs.  Cllr. Cassar – reports of anti-social behaviour.

Borough Councillor J Greenaway left the meeting at 8.53 pm.

19/56 Local Initiatives: a) Dawley Hamlets Local Nature Reserve (DHLNR) The Friends Group attended the Captain Webb Primary School Summer Fair on Saturday, the next meeting of the Friends Group is the 22nd July and the next litter pick is planned for the 1st September.

19/57 Parish Matters: a) Autumn/Winter Newsletter 2019 It was RESOLVED to retain the services of SJF Design & Print and Mel Mansell to print and distribute the Autumn newsletter.  The contents of the newsletter will be decided at the September meeting.

b) New Website and Parish Plan It was RESOLVED to form one working group to research these two areas and report findings back to the Parish Council.  The working group will consist of Cllrs Cooke, Hopkins and Onions and the Clerk with an invitation to all councillors to attend meetings.

19/58 Grant Awards: Six grant applications were submitted to the Parish Council for consideration, the application forms and supporting documentation were circulated in advance of the meeting and it was RESOLVED to make the following awards: Britannia Aqueduct History Society £150 Cinderloo £300 East Shropshire Talking Newspaper £200 Hope House Children’s Hospice £300 Telford Crisis Support £300 Telford Visually Impaired Group £50
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Two representatives of the Britannia Aqueduct History Society were in attendance at the meeting and received their grant cheque at the end.

19/59 Planning Applications:

a) The Following Applications Were Considered:

b) The Following Permissions Were Noted: TWC/2019/0408 – 16 St Luke’s Road, Doseley, Telford, Shropshire, TF4 3BD.  Erection of a replacement single garage.   TWC/2019/0462 – Units C & D, Doseley Industrial Estate, Frame Lane, Doseley, Telford, Shropshire, TF4 3BZ.  Erection of new reception to both units, a firstfloor extension and alterations to previously approved MOT bay.  TWC/2019/0426 – 21 Eleanors Close, Aqueduct, Telford, Shropshire, TF4 3RR.  Subdivision from 1no. dwelling to form 2no. properties.

c) Delegation of Planning Powers During August It was RESOLVED that during the recess planning decisions would be delegated to the Clerk after consulting with the Chairman.

19/60 Finance & Administration: a) Budget Monitoring Report & Bank Reconciliation The budget monitoring report and bank reconciliation together with the latest bank statements were tabled and it was RESOLVED that they were approved (appendix A).  The Clerk informed the meeting that the VAT paid by the Parish Council in 2018/19 totalling £1,339,90 had been successfully reclaimed.

b) The Following List of Cheques was Presented for Signature:
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19/61 Correspondence The Clerk informed the meeting that: a) an e-mail had been received from a resident who wanted to erect a bench in memory of her father at Horsehay Pool,  b) an e-mail had been received from T&WC informing DHPC that there may be an opportunity to name a road in the parish after the Skelton family who lost one member of the family in a local pit disaster and two family members in the first world war.   Cllr. Onions issued copies of this year’s Horsehay Horticultural Society Show brochure to councillors and it was agreed that the Clerk would promote the show on social media.

19/62 Items for the next agenda Autumn/Winter newsletter contents, grit bin requirements and community governance review.

19/63 Date of the next meeting – Wednesday 18th September 2019 at 7.00pm at Horsehay Village Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.23pm.

Signed: _________________________                  Date: _____________________