Proposed Horsehay Development Site – Bournville/Lightmoor

The Parish Council has just been informed by Bournville Trust that they are working with Keepmoat on the proposed development of the Horsehay site – the area at the back of properties on Myford, Wellington Road and Woodhouse Lane.

The designs have been reviewed and revised by the Joint Venture working in concert with Keepmoat (and both consultant teams) over the last couple of months. The programme (coming form the HCA and from DCLG) is very tight as the DCLG requirement is to see a start made on site (subject to all approvals) in Spring next year.

One of the requirements of the Joint Venture’s tender brief is that the developer holds a further round of consultation with the public before submission of the reserved matters planning application to your council.  This is a two stage obligation in that there will be an exhibition at the Horsehay Village Hall so as to present to residents of Horsehay and then a second exhibition at our Oak Tree Centre, aimed more at residents of Lightmoor Village.

The same information will be available but Bournville are conscious that the concerns from the two groups of interest parties will differ.  The first event will be attended by Keepmoat and some of their consultants, so that they can themselves respond to questions.  Keepmoat will bring along the display material on the day.

The exhibition at the Oak Tree Centre will be mainly Kevin Webb and colleagues, using the same material.

There will be forms available if people wish to make comments on the day or at any time afterwards, or anyone can get in touch with us or Keepmoat by the usual channels.

In addition to the information and proposals for the Horsehay site, Kevin will bring along one or more drawings showing the proposed Lightmoor Roundabout which is to be built at the junction of Lightmoor Way / Wellington Road and the Horsehay by-pass (the A5223).  He will keep local residents advised of progress, although at the moment they have no firm start date.  Once more, the JV has a tight programme and they wish to start as soon as they can.  A contractor is selected but not yet appointed.  They will be appointed when the paperwork falls into place.

Another item to mention is that the Trust is hosting a Fireworks Night at Woodlands Park on the evening of Friday 14 November.  As  this is not the traditional date, Kevin has asked that local residents be made aware so that they can as needed take care of their pets.

The exhibition at the Horsehay Village Hall will be held on Wednesday next week – 29th October – between 3 pm and 7.30 pm.

The newsletter will be posted or delivered today to residents at Myford, Wellington Road and Woodhouse Lane – those perhaps most closely affected by and most interested in the proposal, and those who have attended previous events and given comments or entered into correspondence.

The exhibition at the Oak Tree Centre will follow, probably on Monday 3rd November, afternoon and early evening once more.  Again, advice will be given to promote the exhibition.

The Bournville Newsletter can be found here.