Draft Minutes for the October 2019 Meeting

DAWLEY HAMLETS COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL held on Wednesday 16th October 2019 at Horsehay Village Hall at 7.00 pm ___________________________________________________________________

PRESENT: Cllr. A Burford (Chairman) Cllrs K Barnes, B. Cooke, D. Hopkins, B Onions, and B Wennington

Also Present: Pat Davies, Friends of Horsehay Pool & Environs One member of the public K Ewence (Clerk)

19/81 Introductions The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

19/82 Apologies for Absence Apologies were received from Cllrs. C Cassar, R Mehta and J Pinter.

19/83 Declarations of Interest  Cllrs. Barnes and Wennington, Friends of Dawley Hamlets LNR Cllr. Barnes, Aqueduct Primary School Cllr. Onions, Councillors Reports

19/84 Public Session A member of the public expressed concern that there had been no investigation or action from T&WC since the flooding of Moreton Coppice Pool in mid-June and there are concerns that further flooding could occur.  The Clerk was asked to contact Gerrol Jalving, T&WC Flood Officer, for a progress report.

19/85 Minutes of the Previous Council Meeting Regarding item 19/75e Cllr. Onions informed the meeting that it had been agreed that Cllr. Cooke would lay the wreath at the Holly Road Memorial Service and ex-councillor Alan Scott would lay the wreath at the Aqueduct Bridge Memorial Service on November 10th and not the other way around. It was proposed by Cllr. Barnes, seconded by Cllr. Wennington and RESOLVED to amend item 19/75e and then approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th September 2019 as a true record.  The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

19/86 David Wilson Homes (DWH) Development, Doseley The Chairman informed the meeting that he had spoken with the T&WC planners and that the site plan design had been reconfigured so that 25% of the traffic would access the housing development via the Bache and 75% via St. Luke’s Road, Cllr. Hopkins added that he believed that the 25%-75% split did not refer to the amount of traffic intended to use the two exits but to the requirement for the second exit before the final 25% of houses can be built and as far as he knew there would be no restriction on which exit residents could chose to use, the Chairman said he would clarify this matter with the planners.

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The Chairman also informed the meeting that the Parish Council had now written to both Paul Smith Technical Director at DWH and Steve Drury Principal Planning Officer at T&WC with copies of both letters sent to David Wright, Cabinet Member for Housing, Transport & Infrastructure, requesting that the Parish Council be involved in negotiations and that there is full consultation with all residents affected.  David Wright has responded to his letter confirming he will ensure that the Parish Council is involved in discussions linked to any emerging proposals.

19/87 Integrated Community Management (ICM)/PCSO Scheme The Clerk updated the meeting regarding the issues raised at the last ICM meeting on the 3rd October. The Chairman informed the meeting that the Parish Council would have to make a decision in the near future, taking into account the new T&WC parking enforcement scheme, whether to continue being part of the ICM scheme.

19/88 Councillors Reports Cllr. Barnes – was pleased to inform the meeting that Steve Swain, T&WC had agreed to put the Aqueduct Primary School playing field back into T&WC ownership and that Idverde are maintaining it. Cllr. Onions – expressed concern that no progress had been made regarding the Woodhouse Lane/Frame Lane traffic consultation.  It was agreed to invite Adam Brookes to the next meeting to discuss the matter.  Cllr. Onions informed the meeting that the Village Hall Committee were considering purchasing a defibrillator, it was agreed that the Committee would seek funding from the British Heart Foundation and local interest groups and companies and approach the Parish Council if they were unsuccessful in securing enough funding. Cllr. Wennington – informed the meeting that, on behalf of the LNR, he had met with Dr John Wilkinson from the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust. Cllr. Hopkins – informed the meeting that Lol Woodhall will start work on the wall memorial repair week commencing 23rd October to be completed in time for the service of remembrance on Sunday the 10th of November.  Cllr. Hopkins attended the 1st Horsehay Pool and Spring Village Scarecrow Festival.  Cllr. Hopkins asked if the Clerk could contact Andrew Careless the obtain actual date and details of the DMMO, Bridge Road to the All Labour in Vain public house submission.  Regarding Idverde Cllr. Hopkins expressed concern regarding overgrown shrubs obstructing road signs along Wellington Road by Meadowvale Nurseries and wanted clarification regarding Idverde’s policy for clearing the paths of weeds and whether pesticides were used, it was agreed that the Clerk would contact Idverde regarding these matters.   Cllr. Barnes – enquired whether the pathway between Aqueduct School and the Doctors Surgery car park could receive routine maintenance from Idverde, the Clerk will investigate this matter.  Cllr. Barnes informed the meeting that Great Dawley Half-Term Breakfast Club leaflets had been issued to the pupils of Aqueduct School, the Clerk said she would advertise the Breakfast Club activities on Facebook.

19/89 Local Initiatives: a) Bridge Road and Horsehay Pool Development
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i. Horsehay Pool Management Plan Adrian Collins from FoHP&E was not present at the meeting but had e-mailed an update to the Parish Council in advance.  Pat Davies from the FoHP&E provided a verbal update informing the Parish Council that the last management plan meeting held with T&WC had not addressed all the issues relating to Horsehay Pool, the Chairman said he would speak with Angie Astley to ensure the next meeting, scheduled for early November, would be more comprehensive.   Adrian Collins suggested in his e-mail that a sub-group was formed of Parish Council and FoHP&E representatives to collectively consider all matters relating to the conservation area, it was RESOLVED that Horsehay Ward Councillors would represent the Parish Council on this group.

ii. Bridge Road Development Cllr. Hopkins circulated copies of the draft revised development plan as agreed at the last meeting, the plan was well received and Pat Davies agreed to use his expertise to produce a enhanced copy of the plan to present to T&WC to enable them to produce some indicative costings. The Chairman said he will speak with T&WC regarding putting a timetable in place for this project.
Pat Davies left the meeting at 8.20pm.

b) Dawley Hamlets Local Nature Reserve

i. Litter Bins for DHLNR  Cllr. Wennington reported he had carried out an assessment of litter bins for the LNR with Dave Ottley the Public Realm Officer for T&WC.  It was agreed the Friends Group would decide how much funding they would require from the Parish Council and request this at the next meeting.  The Chairman said there would be additional funding made available to the LNR from both his and Cllr. Cassar’s 2019/20 pride funds.

ii. Update from the Friends Group Cllrs Barnes and Wennington reported that the group was currently creating and investigating funding for a focal point for the LNR, they had also secured 210 trees for the LNR, provided students from Madeley Academy with a tour of the LNR and completed another dragonfly walk on September 18th

Cllr. Wennington left the meeting at 8.30pm and returned at 8.31pm.

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19/90 Parish Matters: a) New Website The Clerk presented three options together with quotations for website providers and explained the advantages of each, she asked the Council to select a preferred supplier with whom she could negotiate with further, it was RESOLVED that the supplier would be Web Orchard in Shrewsbury as they were experienced, competitively priced and locally based .

19/91 Planning Applications:

a) For Consideration:

It was proposed by the Chairman and RESOLVED that Cllr. Wennington would represent the Parish Council to speak against application TWC/2019/0487 listed above at the T&WC planning meeting on October 23rd and the clerk was asked to make the arrangements.

b) Permissions Granted:
Permission Granted: TWC/2019/0545 – The Willows, 24 Horsehay Common, Horsehay, Telford, Shropshire, TF4 2LT.  Erection of rear summer house ****AMENDED PLANS RECEIVED****.

Outline Granted: TWC/2019/0104 – Land between Hartfield House/41, Pool Hill Road, Horsehay, Telford, Shropshire.  Outline application for the erection of up to 36no. dwellings and access with all other matters reserved ***AMENDED DESCRIPTION***.

Trees in Conservation Area Granted: TWC/2019/0701 – 11 & 12 William Ball Drive & Arbour House, Farm Lane, Horsehay, Telford, Shropshire.  Removal of overhanging branches to 5no. Beech tree (T1, T3, T4, T7, T8), 1no. Chestnut tree (T2), 1no. Lime tree (T5) and 1no. Sycamore tree (T6).

One member of the public left the meeting at 8.45pm.

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19/92 Finance & Administration:

a) Budget Monitoring Report & Bank Reconciliation The budget monitoring report and bank reconciliation together with the latest bank statements were tabled and it was RESOLVED that they were approved (appendix A).

b) The Following List of Cheques Were Presented for Signature: Payee/Reason Cheque No. Date Net VAT Total Aqueduct Primary School – Grant for Xmas Events 001224 18.9.19 1,184.00 0.00 1,184.00 Staff Costs – Oct 2019 001225 16.10.19 1,173.02 0.00 1,173.02 HMRC Tax & NI – Oct 2019 001226 16.10.19 171.41 0.00 171.41 SCC Pension Fund – Oct 2019 001227 16.10.19 425.23 0.00 425.23 SJF Design & Print – Aut/Winter Newsletter Production 001228 16.10.19 463.00 0.00 463.00 Mel Mansell – Aut/Winter Newsletter Delivery 001229 16.10.19 617.58 0.00 617.58 Great Dawley TC – Holiday Activities and Eatwell Project 001230 16.10.19 1,500.00 0.00 1,500.00    5,534.24 0.00 5,534.24

c) 2020/21 Budget The Clerk presented a budget proposal for next financial year (appendix B) based on projected actual spend on income and expenditure for the current year, this was discussed and it was RESOLVED: – to move the parish improvements budget of £2,000 to parish events to fund children’s events.  Parish improvements will be funded from the environmental maintenance grant until further notice, – to set a budget of £77,500 for financial year 2020/21, – to set a precept of £77,500 for financial year 2020/21.

19/93 Correspondence There was no correspondence.

19/94 Items for the next agenda Playground Spring Village Road HVH WIFI  Invite Adam Brookes T&WC Group Manager – Highways and Network Management

19/95 Date of the next meeting – Wednesday 20th November 2019 at 7.00pm at Horsehay Village Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.55pm.

Signed: _________________________                  Date: _____________________