Minutes for the September 2019 Meeting

DAWLEY HAMLETS COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL held on Wednesday 18th September 2019 at Horsehay Village Hall at 7.00 pm ___________________________________________________________________

PRESENT: Cllr. A Burford (Chairman) Cllrs K Barnes, C. Cassar, B. Cooke, D. Hopkins, B Onions, and B Wennington

Also Present: Mark Latham, Ecology and Green Infrastructure Specialist, T&WC  Adrian Collins and Pat Davies, Friends of Horsehay Pool and Environs Borough Councillor Jayne Greenaway One member of the public K Ewence (Clerk)

19/64 Introductions The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting including Mark Latham, Ecology and Green Infrastructure Specialist, T&WC.

19/65 Apologies for Absence Apologies were received from Cllrs. R Mehta and J Pinter.  It was RESOLVED to send flowers and best wishes to Cllr Pinter who is in hospital.

19/66 Declarations of Interest  Cllrs. Barnes, Cassar and Wennington, Friends of Dawley Hamlets Local Nature Reserve. Cllr. Hopkins, planning application TWC/2019/0701.

19/67 Public Session No matters were raised during this session.

19/68 Minutes of the Previous Council Meeting It was proposed by Cllr. Hopkins, seconded by Cllr. Cooke and RESOLVED to approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th July 2019 as a true record.  The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

19/69 Mark Latham, Ecology and Green Infrastructure Specialist, T&WC

a) Green Guarantee Funding Across Four Sites Within The Parish Mr Latham explained that as a result of last year’s Big Green Vote four sites within the Parish would benefit from approximately £2,600 in total funding: Majestic Way Woodlands Furnace Pools  Aqueduct Green Corridor  Suffolk Way  It was agreed that Mr Latham would produce a list of broad proposals for these sites which he would bring to Parish Council for consideration.  The
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Chairman added that the Parish Council may consider funding some of the proposals with its own resources.

b) Horsehay Pool Management Plan  Mr Latham provided the meeting with an update on the progress of the management plan with a first draft to be available in the first two weeks of October. It was agreed that Mr Latham would arrange a meeting between Dave Hanley, Dave Ottley and Lou Lycett from T&W, FoHP&E and Borough and Parish Councillors to address other areas such as parking, litter etc. before the plan went out to consultation with the public.

Mark Latham left the meeting at 7.45pm.

19/70 David Wilson Homes Development, Doseley A lengthy discussion took place regarding second access issue on the David Wilson Homes development at Doseley and the possible adverse effect on the Parish particularly the possible increase in traffic on St. Luke’s and other surrounding roads.  It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would write to the Telford & Wrekin Planning Department, with a copy to David Wright, Cabinet Member for Housing, Transport & Infrastructure, seeking reassurance that the Parish Council’s concerns are taken into consideration.

Cllr. Cooke left the meeting at 8.08pm and re-joined the meeting at 8.10pm.

19/71 Integrated Community Management (ICM)/PCSO Scheme The Clerk informed the meeting she had e-mailed councillors notes from the last ICM/PCSO meeting she had attended on 29th August. Cllr. Cassar informed the meeting that due to reports of anti-social behaviour she had met with Paul Fenn on-site at the Dawley pools car park to discuss the possibility on installing security cameras.

19/72 Grounds Maintenance (Idverde)  The Clerk informed the meeting that she believed that all outstanding issues with Idverde were in hand and if Councillors had any to let her know.  Cllr. Wennington informed the meeting that he had visited the paths around the Dawley Pools with Paul Smith from Idverde on the 9th September to identify maintenance work which was needed to the paths, this work was completed promptly by Idverde apart from three areas which will be followed up with Idverde by the Clerk.

19/73 Councillors Reports Councillors gave verbal reports which included the following: Cllr. Barnes – still trying to establish ownership of the field by Aqueduct Primary School Cllr. Cooke – has received more reports regarding speeding on Lightmoor Road, the Clerk will pass on this information to the PCSO. Cllr. Onions – wished to pass thanks on behalf of the Horsehay Horticultural Society to Cllr. Mehta for presenting the prizes at last month’s flower show which was once again a very successful event.
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Borough Cllr. Greenaway – informed the meeting about the Horsehay Pool and Spring Village Community Litter Pick on 21st September and the Scarecrow Festival on the 29th September. Cllr. Wennington – informed the meeting that residents interested in the progress of planning application TWC/2019/0487 to build 39 houses on land West of Lawford Close, Off Majestic Way, Aqueduct should be encouraged to sign into the T&WC planning portal and sign up for updates on this application. Cllr. Hopkins – explained to the meeting that he had submitted planning application TWC/2019/0701 to remove tree branches at Farm Lane to trigger preservation orders on the trees in question.  Regarding the Bridge Road development project Cllr. Hopkins had met with Lou Lycett and the Parish Council agreed that he would re-draft the project plan and present it at the October Parish Council meeting.  Lol Woodhall has provided a quotation of £350 for repair of the Little Dawley war memorial wall, this has been accepted and the work will be completed in October.  The estimated date for the submission of the DMMO, Bridge Road to the Travelers Joy, is mid-November with the public inquiry taking place in April or May 2020.  The date for the next Phoenix Flyer will be set for the 13th May 2020 and will not fall on the same night as the Parish Council’s May meeting which will be held on the 20th May 2020, this allows councillors to be able to attend both events should they wish to.   Cllr. Cassar – progress update on the restoration of the Aqueduct Bridge, addressing parking issues on Majestic Way including the possibility of converting a parcel of land for additional parking.

Borough Councillor J Greenaway, Adrian Collins and Pat Davies left the meeting at 8.53 pm.

19/74 Local Initiatives – Dawley Hamlets Local Nature Reserve (DHLNR) A footpath survey of the nature reserve had been completed.  Over the Summer the Friends Group attended the Great Dawley Breakfast Club, completed a litter pick and hosted a very popular older children’s event on the nature reserve.  Idverde had donated materials for the scouts to paint three metal picnic benches on the Reserve.

19/75 Parish Matters: a) Autumn/Winter Newsletter 2019 The contents of the newsletter were agreed. b) Older Residents Christmas Event Entertainment It was RESOLVED to engage Casey’s Team on Tour to provide the entertainment at this years Christmas event on 6th December at a cost of £200. c) Pageant Drive Playground Swing Seat It was RESOLVED to fund the replacement of an adult swing seat for a child’s seat in this playground which is designed for younger children at a cost of £115. d) Litter Bins and Grit Bins Councillors were asked to report any grit bin requirements to the Clerk.   DHLNR litter bin requirements will be discussed at the next meeting.  e) Remembrance Services It was RESOLVED to purchase two wreaths and invite ex-councillor Scott
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to represent the Parish Council in laying the wreaths on Remembrance Day, ex-councillor Scott was present at the meeting and agreed to represent the Parish Council at the Aqueduct Bridge War Memorial service and it was RESOLVED that Cllr. Cooke would represent the Parish Council at the Holly Road War Memorial service earlier in the day.

19/76 Planning Applications:

a) For Consideration:

b) Permissions Granted:
TWC/2019/0646 – 17 Bufton Lane, Doseley, Telford, Shropshire, TF4 3FG.  Erection of a single storey rear extension. TWC/2019/0644 – 34 Bridgnorth Road, Aqueduct, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 1BZ.  Erection of a single storey side extension. TWC/2019/0490 – Paddock House, 1 William Ball Drive, Horsehay, Telford, Shropshire, TF4 2SQ.  Reduction in height by upto 6m to 8no. Beech trees and 1no. Cherry tree.

c) Land West of Wellington Road, Horsehay The Parish Council considered the contents of a letter received from DLP Planning in Bedfordshire regarding a potential development.  It was RESOLVED to put the Parish Councils reply on hold until more information could be sought.

19/77 Finance & Administration:

a) Budget Monitoring Report & Bank Reconciliation The budget monitoring report and bank reconciliation together with the latest bank statements were tabled and it was RESOLVED that they were approved (appendix A).

b) The Following List of Cheques was Presented for Signature: Payee/Reason Cheque No. Date Net VAT Total Staff Costs – Sep 2019 001214 18.9.19 1,186.02 0.00 1,186.02 HMRC Tax & NI – Sep 2019 001215 18.9.19 158.41 0.00 158.41 SCC Pension Fund – Sep 2019 001216 18.9.19 425.23 0.00 425.23 Staff Costs – Travelling Expenses  Jun-Sep 2019 001217 18.9.19 61.75 1.79 63.54 Cancelled 001218 18.9.19 0.00 0.00 0.00
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Staff Costs – Postage and Stationery 001219 18.9.19 136.63 14.68 151.31 Office Expenses 1.4.19 – 30.9.19 001220 18.9.19 319.00 0.00 319.00 PKF Littlejohn LLP – External Audit Fees 001221 18.9.19 300.00 60.00 360.00 T&WC – Election Costs May 2019 001222 18.9.19 5,878.00 0.00 5,878.00 Horsehay Village Hall – Room Hire 001223 18.9.19 222.00 0.00 222.00    8,687.04 76.47 8,763.51

c) External Audit – PKF Littlejohn LLP The Clerk informed the meeting that the Parish Council had successfully passed the external audit, the report stated: “On the basis of our review of Sections 1 and 2 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR), in our opinion the information in Section 1 and 2 of the AGAR is in accordance with Proper Practices and no other matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation or regulatory requirements have not been met.”   The Clerk was thanked for her contributions to the successful external audit.

19/78 Correspondence The Clerk informed the meeting that: a) T&WC had confirmed that the Parish Council had been successful with their request to name a new residential road currently being built on the old All Labour in Vain public house site, Skelton Close.  Mr. Skelton had been informed and once the road sign was in place a small naming ceremony would take place.  b) The Clerk had received a request to fund Aqueduct Primary School’s annual school pantomime and a reception class trip to see Santa, the total cost being £1,184.  It was RESOLVED to fund these events for Christmas 2019.  As a governor at Aqueduct Primary School Cllr. Barnes declared an interest in this matter and did not take part in the vote.

19/79 Items for the next agenda Bridge Road Development Project Plan DHLNR Litter Bin Requirements  2020/21 Budget

19/80 Date of the next meeting – Wednesday 16th October 2019 at 7.00pm at Horsehay Village Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.32pm.

Signed: _________________________                  Date: _____________________