Audit 2018/19

The audit has been concluded and the Annual Governance & Accounting Statement (AGAR) has been published for the year ended 31st March 2019:

Page 1 Annual Governance & Accountability Return Part 3 2018/19:

Page 2 Annual Governance & Accountability Return Part 3 2018/19 (cont.):

Page 3 Annual Internal Audit Report 2018/19:

Page 4 Annual Governance Statement 2018/19:

Page 5 Annual Accounting Statements 2018/19:

Page 6 External Auditor Report & Certificate 2018/19 – not yet available

Internal Audit Report 2018/19

Election Results 2nd May 2019

The results for the DAWLEY HAMLETS PARISH COUNCIL elections held on the 2nd May 2019 are as follows:
Cllr. Kate Barnes
Cllr. Andy Burford
Cllr. Concepta Cassar
Cllr. Byron Cooke
Cllr. Jane Pinter
Cllr. Bob Wennington
Cllr. Dave Hopkins
Cllr. Raj Mehta
Cllr. Beryl Onions