TWC/2014/0930 Site A, Pool Hill Road, Horsehay

Application not in the Parish but affecting residents of the Parish:
TWC/2014/0930 Site A, Pool Hill Road, Horsehay. Erection of 14 affordable dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping.

At last evening’s Parish Council meeting there were a number of residents present who expressed concern over the proposed development at Pool Hill Road. In response to their concerns, it was resolved to express a concern over the proposals and the following concern has been submitted to the Borough Council:

Although this proposed development is in the Parish of Great Dawley it abuts the Parish of Dawley Hamlets and the vast majority of residents which will be affected by it reside in the latter Parish; for that reason, Dawley Hamlets Parish Council feels that it is appropriate to respond to the application.

Dawley Hamlets Parish Council is concerned that the development will yet again add to the traffic burden on what is in effect a single lane carriageway. It is acknowledged that immediately in front of the site it is just wide enough for two vehicles however, the majority of the lane is single carriageway. There is a concern that vehicles reversing out of the proposed plots numbered 5 & 6 will be very close to the junction with Station Road and therefore there are safety concerns. In addition, the Parish Council is aware that the footpaths are narrow (especially opposite plots 1 and 4) with pedestrians often having to walk in the road. We would ask that this be addressed in any proposals.

Residents of the adjacent properties have long been concerned over drainage issues and it is known that properties near to the proposed plot number 14 have problems with large pools of water remaining some time after heavy downpours of rain.