TWC/2014/0998 Land adjacent Windermere House, Farm Lane, Horsehay.

TWC/2014/0998         Land adjacent Windermere House, Farm Lane, Horsehay. Erection of 13 dwellings with associated parking, access and drainage.

At last evening’s Parish Council meeting there were a number of residents present who expressed concern over the proposed development at Farm Lane. In response to their concerns, it was resolved to object to the proposals and the following objection has been submitted to the Borough Council:

Dawley Hamlets Parish Council objects to this application: The proposed development is considered by the Parish Council to be within Farm Lane and not, as the developers maintain, a separate and individual parcel of land. As a development on Farm Lane, the proposals are not considered to be of a design and appearance or layout which complements the other houses in the lane. Farm Lane consists, in the main, of very large detached properties sitting in generous plots and the proposals contrast starkly with this format. In effect the proposals create a separate mini estate which has the appearance of being an overcrowded development and will create traffic and highway safety issues not least because all of the properties will be forced to gain access and egress from but one entry point.

Because the proposals do not reflect the existing houses on Farm Lane it is considered that the scale of the development is inappropriate.

In addition, the land upon which the site sits is higher than the existing properties in the adjacent New Row. The proposed terrace of houses which imitate those on New Row (and are inconsistent with any on Farm Lane) will therefore overlook those on New Row and therefore create a loss of privacy which concerns the existing residents greatly.

The Parish Council has long been aware of drainage problems with water run off from the higher Farm Lane affecting the lower properties on New Row. The residents of New Row would need to be assured that any development will not adversely affect their properties.

The Parish Council would wish to see any development of this site reflect the existing properties on Farm Lane. To attempt to create a mini estate and mirror some terraced properties on New Row would be totally inconsistent. We wish to record our objections to this proposal.